Women In Art Part 3: How Female Artists Redefined The Female Nude Genre

The concluding part of the 'Women In The Art' series explores how the female artist Ana Mendieta challenged the conventions of the female nude genre in the postmodern art world. In Mendieta's art, she explored themes on female sexuality and bias in terms of how the female gender was traditionally perceived by society.   Like many … Continue reading Women In Art Part 3: How Female Artists Redefined The Female Nude Genre

The Savoy

Let's face it, dining out is a distant memory for pretty much all of us. I could probably count on one hand the number of times that I have sat inside a restaurant in the past twelve months. Lately, I have been making a mental note of all the venues that I cannot wait to … Continue reading The Savoy

Rose Tinted Nails

I can never have enough nail polishes - I have an entire drawer full of them, so when I saw the new Barry M Rose Tinted collection, I was like a moth to the flame. With a 3 for 2 offer, what better excuse was there to add to my ever growing nail polish collection? … Continue reading Rose Tinted Nails

New Year New Beginnings

2020 was a memorable year for reasons we could never have anticipated. It’s easy to fall into the negative rabbit hole that this year has been but, if anything it has taught me to count my blessings and appreciate what I have.  I am so grateful for my beloved family, my truly amazing friends and … Continue reading New Year New Beginnings

On The Town: Opuz Kitchen

The first post in a brand new series for the blog. Going out for brunches, dinners and cocktails is a huge part of my life and this series'On The Town' features the restaurants, bars and entertainment venues that I visit. First up, is a restaurant that is right on my doorstep, Opuz Kitchen. Offering Turkish … Continue reading On The Town: Opuz Kitchen

How To Style A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are one of my favourite wardrobe staples. They're super comfortable, have so much freedom to move in and it's a ready-made outfit; what's not to love? I will be doing a post on some of the jumpsuits in my wardrobe, but in this post, I will demonstrate how to get multiple looks from one … Continue reading How To Style A Jumpsuit

Urban Decay Heat Palette £5.99 Dupe Comparison

Urban Decay is one of my favourite makeup brands. Their iconic palette collections are supreme, which means they come with a supreme price retailing at around the £40 mark. What if you could get the something similar for under £6? Yes, you read that correctly. In this post, I am going to compare the Naked Heat … Continue reading Urban Decay Heat Palette £5.99 Dupe Comparison

Picasso Part 3: Nude, Green Leaves And Bust

The final instalment of the Picasso series focuses on 'Nude, Green Leaves And Bust.' Picasso painted this piece in one day in March 1932 and it sold for a record £70 million in May 2010 at Christie's in New York. Inspired by a personal and obsessive love story 'Nude, Green Leaves And Bust' hints at … Continue reading Picasso Part 3: Nude, Green Leaves And Bust

Picasso Part One: Les Demoiselles D’Avignon

For my next art series, I am going to focus on one of my favourite artists, Pablo Picasso. Over three blog posts, I will be looking at a different Picasso painting and explore the stories within and behind the artwork. The first piece is a true staple of art history; Les Demoiselles D'Avignon. Les Demoiselles … Continue reading Picasso Part One: Les Demoiselles D’Avignon

Tim Walker ‘Wonderful Things’ Exhibition

I love spending weekends visiting exhibitions. The last one that I visited was the Mary Quant show at the V&A. This past weekend, I returned to the V&A for a sumptuous exhibition, Tim Walker 'Wonderful Things,' This British fashion photographer is one of the world's most inventive photographers, and this exhibition is the most incredible … Continue reading Tim Walker ‘Wonderful Things’ Exhibition