Women In Art Part 2: What Is The Male Gaze?

A term heard often when concerning the female nude in art is the 'male gaze;' but what is the male gaze? Objectification of women in art and the way in which they are portrayed is known as the male gaze. The theory, coined by Laura Mulvey in her theoretical essay Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema’ … Continue reading Women In Art Part 2: What Is The Male Gaze?

Revisited: Botticelli Reimagined

With life on lockdown, it's going to be a while before I can start going to exhibitions again. Until then, have a new series 'Revisited' where I relive some of my favourite past exhibitions. Up first in the series is 'Botticelli Reimagined' which ran at the V&A from 5th March-3rd July 2016 and this is my … Continue reading Revisited: Botticelli Reimagined

The Botticelli Secret

Conspiracy, murder, myth and art are woven together in 'The Botticelli Secret' to unravel a five hundred year old art mystery. 'The Botticelli Secret' penned by Marina Fiorato is an historical mystery novel that centres around the Renaissance painting 'La Primavera', painted by Sandro Botticelli between 1477 and 1482. Set in fifteenth century Florence at the … Continue reading The Botticelli Secret

The Art Of Fashion

Designed to be looked at, experiencing different movements and trends, the worlds of art and fashion have forever been entwined. Just as artists have called upon classical stories and myths for subject matters in their paintings, many fashion designers have turned to artists for inspiration and have been influenced by contemporary art movements. The most … Continue reading The Art Of Fashion

The Jan Van Eyck Mystery

Nestled in the Sainsbury Wing of London’s National Gallery is one of the most famous Renaissance paintings: Jan van Eyck’s the ‘Arnolfini Portrait’. It is an undisputed masterpiece of Northern Renaissance art. It was painted in 1434 and is probably the best known Netherlandish fifteenth century painting. With clues scattered throughout the composition, the ‘Arnolfini … Continue reading The Jan Van Eyck Mystery