Five Books To Read In Lockdown

With the nation stuck inside for the foreseeable, we have plenty of reading time on our hands. I always seem to have a sky high book pile which never seems to get smaller. As part of my lockdown routine, I set aside a portion of the day which is just for reading which gives me … Continue reading Five Books To Read In Lockdown

The Botticelli Secret

Conspiracy, murder, myth and art are woven together in 'The Botticelli Secret' to unravel a five hundred year old art mystery. 'The Botticelli Secret' penned by Marina Fiorato is an historical mystery novel that centres around the Renaissance painting 'La Primavera', painted by Sandro Botticelli between 1477 and 1482. Set in fifteenth century Florence at the … Continue reading The Botticelli Secret

Social Creature – Book Review

Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton is the slick thriller read of my summer. It’s a tale as old as time, rags to riches story set in Manhattan with two female characters at opposite ends of the social scale. Louise is a struggling writer living in an undesirable part of New York with the shadow … Continue reading Social Creature – Book Review

Good Me, Bad Me – Book Review

Crime is a favourite book genre of mine and I was compelled to read 'Good Me, Bad Me,' by Ali Land when I saw that it had been referred to as the 'Gone Girl of 2017.' Look away now if you haven't read the book yet as there are spoilers ahead. 'Good Me, Bad Me' centres around … Continue reading Good Me, Bad Me – Book Review

Valley Of The Dolls – Book Review

Written in the 1960s and set in the 1940s, Valley of the Dollsfollows the lives, careers and loves of three female protagonists over the years and subsequent decades. Three central characters Anne, Neely and Jennifer all possess characteristics that are different from one another. Anne is prim, proper and polite, Neely is feisty and outspoken whilst … Continue reading Valley Of The Dolls – Book Review