On The Town: Opuz Kitchen

The first post in a brand new series for the blog. Going out for brunches, dinners and cocktails is a huge part of my life and this series’On The Town’ features the restaurants, bars and entertainment venues that I visit.


First up, is a restaurant that is right on my doorstep, Opuz Kitchen. Offering Turkish food with a modern twist, this is a healthy way to dine out. After not being able to celebrate my birthday because of lockdown, once the restrictions were relaxed, I booked an evening to have dinner and cocktails at what has become one of my favourite restaurants.


I have tried several dishes at Opuz, but top of my list on the menu is the spicy chicken kofte. It is absolutely delicious with its blend of herbs and peppers. It comes with perfectly fluffy rice and salad so it’s a tasty way to eat out healthily.

Normally I opt for a glass of rose wine when I’m eating out, but I have a weakness for the cocktails at Opuz, especially the Flirtini and Coming Up Roses which comes with actual rose petals in it.


No meal is complete without dessert. Hands down, the best dessert on the menu is the blueberry cheesecake. It has the perfect crumbly base, blueberry coulis and garnished with fresh strawberries.

Last of all – the service at Opuz is superb. Whenever I go there, they remember me and always super friendly.


Now that there is more freedom in post lockdown life, I can’t wait to get out more and socialise with my friends and family in awesome venues. When I do, I will be posting them in the ‘On The Town’ series.



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