Urban Decay Heat Palette £5.99 Dupe Comparison

Urban Decay is one of my favourite makeup brands. Their iconic palette collections are supreme, which means they come with a supreme price retailing at around the £40 mark. What if you could get the something similar for under £6? Yes, you read that correctly. In this post, I am going to compare the Naked Heat Palette with its dupe; the Lacura Intense palette which I purchased for £5.99 from the middle aisle of Aldi.


As you can see from the outer packaging, there is not much difference at all. They are the same size, the way the branding is styles is super similar and both have the eyeshadows displayed on the outer box in formation.

Inside, the shadows are virtually indistinguishable from each other. Both palettes offer twelve shades ranging from light, dark, shimmering and matte. Each palette also comes with a double-ended fluffy brush and a mirror inside the lid. So far, they are equally matched.


I decided to do one eye in Urban Decay and one eye in Lacura, creating the same look on each eye and comparing the outcome. For both eyes, I gradually built up the colour using different shades in the palettes in layers.

Urban Decay Heat Eye

Crease: Chaser and Sauced.

Outer Corner: Low Blow, Cayenne, He Devil, En Feugo, Ashes

Lid: Ounce, Scorched, Lumbre

Lacura Intense Eye

Crease: Halo, Latte

Outer Corner: Toffee, Brick, Cerisse, Merlot, Plum

Lid: Ivory, Blaze, Rose Quartz

With the final two shades of the outer corner, I blended them up into the crease as well to add some definition and shape. For the Heat palette, these were En Fuego and Ashes; for the Lacura palette, these were Merlot and Plum.

I finished off the look with Rimmel eye pencil on my lower lash line, YSL couture liquid eyeliner and my go to YSL mascara.

Spot the difference. Left eye: Urban Decay. Right eye: Lacura

The final result is so similar, it’s hard to tell which brand is which once they have been applied. The differences in the shades is so minor and subtle that it is hardly noticeable at all. The most obvious shade difference is between Urban Decay Ounce and the Lacura Ivory shades. Ounce is significantly lighter than Ivory and I also had to layer the shimmery shades of the Lacura palette more than I did with the Urban Decay, however it’s a small detail.

I was expecting there to be difference in how long they last before creasing up, but I found them to be equally matched. They remained in place throughout the evening but I did use the Urban Decay primer first before applying the shadows. This is the best primer ever by the way!

Lacura also have two other palettes available, Smoky and Naturals 2 which I also purchased alongside this one. I will be creating different looks and featuring these on the blog too so make sure you sign up for my post notifications.


I still haven’t ventured into the YouTube world; should I do a video about this?

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below or by emailing teacupmoment@gmail.com


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