Five Things To Do In Lockdown

Cabin fever is hitting a lot of us right now. Whilst it’s easy to autopilot straight to Netflix and binge on Tiger Kings (I’m three episodes in and it is crazy!) With all of our routines disrupted for the forseeable, here are five things you can do in lockdown other than bingewatching tv.



Reading is a great way to pass the time and breaks up the day. Providing some much needed relief from screens, I set aside a portion of the day just to get lost in a book. Check out my Five Books To Read In Lockdown post if you need some reading list inspiration. My current read is ‘The Chain’ by Adrian McKinty and I am hooked!


Exercising is so important for physical and mental health; even more so now with such uncertain times that we’re living in. I never feel better than when I’ve completed a workout regime and it really boosts my mood. As we are less mobile than ever before, I set aside certain days for working out and make a conscious effort not to boredom eat. There are some exercise tips in my post How To Stay Fit In Lockdown if you need some ideas for keeping fit in our new climate.

Start A Project


Ever had an idea that you always wanted to work on but never had the time? That time has arrived! Whether you want to write a book, start a YouTube channel, complete DIY, upscale furniture or blog (guess which one I’ve been busy with!) This is the perfect time to turn your idea into reality. I have been pouring lots of energy into my blog lately, being super organised with publishing regular posts, keeping my social media up-to-date and am even thinking about launching (finally) a YouTube channel. I am such a novice at YouTube but I am determined that I will at least give it a go.



I am the first to admit that I am not at home in the kitchen. I always opt for convenience over ingredients but, we are in different times now. I have a few healthy cook books at home and I’m hoping to master some recipes – that’s the plan anyway! If anyone has some quick, healthy (and easy) meals they can share so I can try and replicate them, that would be amazing!


We all have too much of something – for me it’s clothes. My wardrobes are at bursting point so every so often I have a mini clear out. Now I plan to do a massive overhaul! Although it can be a monumental task, I do find it therapeutic to throw away things I no longer need or use and there’s always the chance of finding something long forgotten that I can resurrect. I guess I’m also going to bust uploading clothes to eBay.

Whatever plans you have for lockdown, routine is key. Try to plan your day into different time sections and what you want to do in those different times. This has helped a lot in keeping me focused and not succumbing to binge watching all day.

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  1. I would love to declutter my wardrobe this period. I am not organised in terms of wardrobe so a lot of clothes are left unworn for weeks. Decluttering will help me figure out those that are still trending and those to give out.b

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