Mary Quant Exhibition

One of the perks of not working on Mondays is that it frees time to go to places when there are fewer crowds. On my latest spare Monday afternoon, I managed to see the Mary Quant exhibition in its final weeks at the V&A.

In a first ever retrospective of the British designer, the exhibition is delivered over two floors. In a focus on Mary’s pinnacle years between 1955 and 1975, the V&A show charts her rise to success with her famous Bazaar Boutiques in Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Bond Street.

Mary Quant’s designs embodied the essence of the swinging sixties. She shook up the high street and hemlines with her zesty designs and introduction of the mini skirt which came to be symbolic of the decade.

Much of Mary’s designs are items that we take for granted today; the jersey dress, PVC raincoat and even waterproof mascara to name but a few. Walking through the exhibition, it struck me how relevant Mary Quant’s creations are today. Bright vivid coats, coloured tights and matching berets wouldn’t be out of place in Gossip Girl season one; but these were innovations by Mary fifty years prior.

With items that have never before been on display, this was a fantastic collection of pieces from an icon of British fashion history. Have you seen the Mary Quant exhibition and what did you think about it?


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