Urban Decay: Naked Reloaded

It’s no secret that I have been obsessed with Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes for years; my current count is six. I cannot get enough of these shades and the incredible professional quality to them.


When the original Naked palette retired, it wasn’t long before it was reborn as Naked Reloaded and it soon became part of my never-ending makeup collection.

One of my favourite shades in the palette is the gorgeous peachy pink Retro so of course the first time I used this new palette, this was my go-to shade.


On my eyes in the photo are:

Retro (crease) Boundaries (outer corner & lower lash line) Reputation (lid)

Angel Fire (inner corner)

Urban Decay’s palettes do come with a price tag of £38, which does seem expensive however, the quality far surpasses lower priced palettes that have similar shades.

They are highly pigmented, non-chalky and blend really easily and seamlessly. In my opinion they are worth the investment, will last much longer than other shadows and are better value for money.

I will be posting photos of more looks using the Naked Reloaded palette on Instagram so follow @teacupmomentblog to view these as and when they are published.

Have you used this palette yet and what do you think of it?


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