Audrey Hepburn In Photographs

One of the most famous film stars in history, Audrey Hepburn has reigned supreme as one of the most iconic actresses and style icons of all time. Her roles in classic films such as ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and ‘My Fair Lady’ paired with chic styling, produced some of the most infamous images to emerge from Hollywood cinema.

Audrey’s portrait was captured by some of the most famous of twentieth century photographers, such as Cecil Beaton and Norman Parkinson. Film stills, magazine covers and art; Audrey’s image continues to permeate contemporary culture. It seems we can never get enough of Audrey and these timeless photographs epitomise our continuing fascination with the silver screen star of Golden Hollywood.

Audrey Hepburn photographed wearing Givenchy by Norman Parkinson, 1955 © Norman Parkinson Ltd/Courtesy Norman Parkinson Archive

Even in modern day vernacular, the words ‘Audrey Hepburn’and ‘icon’ are rarely separated from one another. At a time when the standard for female actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell was to be hailed as voluptuous sex symbols; Audrey was waif-like and doe-eyed. She broke the mould and that’s what set her apart from her film star contemporaries.

Audrey Hepburn dressed in Givenchy with sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith by Douglas Kirkland, 1966 © Iconic Images/Douglas Kirkland

A huge part of Audrey’s charm was that despite her fame, she was refreshingly normal and relatable. Even her style, which has become legendary and iconic to such an extent that the phrase “that’s so Audrey” is still used to this day, was an effortless one. Her dress sense was inherently classic and chic but achievable at the same time.


Perhaps the image most associated with Audrey comes in the opening scene of Breakfast At Tiffany’s. A yellow New York cab pulls up outside Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue and Holly Golightly emerges. Dressed in a classic black dress by Givenchy accessorised with pearls and oversized black sunglasses; this was an unforgettable moment in Hollywood cinema and has become the ultimate image of sophistication.


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